Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween 2010

Well, it's almost that time of year.....Halloween! We don't decorate our home or pay too much attention to costuming (probably because with 6 kids, I think we have enough dress up clothes in our home to fully clothe an entire Kindergarten class) but we do spend a couple weeks prior brainstorming a new way to share Jesus with our trick or treaters. Just for the record....yes, we DO send our little one's out to collect candy. Personally, I am more interested in "fishing" than in anything else that`s going on. Over the years we've had some responses from our efforts to share Christ during this holiday and I make no apology for how we've been lead to do it :0)

This year we've decided to put together some children's Gospel coloring booklets that we've downloaded for free off the net. So, tomorrow we're diving in and rolling all 80 of them into scrolls tied up with 2 color markers each. Then we'll pray over the bunch and leave it in the Lord's hands to touch not just the children's hearts, but the parents as well.

Some fun things we've done in the past: Homemade Gospel bookmarks, "Jesus Loves You" stickers with kids Gospel tracts, our own version of Gospel coloring booklets, wrist bands with Gospel message written on a little card tied to it.

No, we've never had someone call us on the phone or email us back after reading a tract.
No, we've never had someone approach us in church saying our tracts lead them there.
But we HAVE heard from people who's children have used our coloring booklets, worn our wrist bands, used our stickers and bookmarks after bringing them home. They aren't tossed into the garbage! That means, at the very least, in all it's simplicity, the Word of God has been brought to that home. That means one more opportunity for that family to invite Jesus in or at least follow their curiosity enough to learn more about Him.