Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Ahhh.....Spring Nature Journaling

With Spring FINALLY here, we are breaking out the Nature Journals again.  We all love it when we can get outside to draw and learn about God's creation.  There is something so peaceful and joyful about watching our little one's playing by the water while our older one's are sitting contently drawing.  For one moment in time everything in the world feels right.
A perfect rock to sit and draw!

Not sure how to start a Nature Journal?  Here's what we do:

1) Choose an area that has some natural living scenary (anwhere will do).
2) Draw a picture of what you see (with as many details as possible, big and small)
3) At the bottom of your picture page, write the time & date, the weather conditions & temperature.
3)Now choose and circle ONE specimen inside your picture
4) On the back of your picture list the following: The Common Name of your specimen.
                                                                         The Latin Name of your specimen.
                                                                         Any Scripture References of your specimen.
                                                                         Five fascinating facts about your specimen
                                                                         Close up drawing of your specimen.
5) Now paint with water colors your entire picture. (we don't always do this, but it's fun)