Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Dropping Tracts

Although I'm not a proponant of the "hit and run" dynamics of tract dropping (I admit it, I'm a talker, I'd rather converse with people)  it can be a useful tool in some instances. Testimonies are out there of people meeting Jesus for the first time through reading a "random" gospel tract that just happened to be sitting on a table or tucked under their windshield wiper, etc.  No doubt God has used tracts to lead the lost into the safety of His loving arms.  We've used them in this way a few times, praying that the Lord would open the eyes and hearts of whoever comes across them. 

However, what I've noticed over the years of having used tracts is the impact they have on the BELIEVER.  Both of the person distributing them and the person receiving them.   Those who already have a relationship with Jesus will almost always attribute coming across a tract as a divine appointment from the Lord and therefore be completely open to the message written in them.  Handing out tracts that speak of identity and confidence in Jesus really can make a difference in another Christian's life.  And even God has mentioned in the Bible how the person sharing Jesus (in any capacity) is better able to understand the good things we have in Christ.  (Philemon 1:6) 

So leaving a few tracts laying around town, or passing one to your cashier, your librarian, your bank teller, etc.  has just as much (if not more, since we have the promise of Phil. 1:6) effect on us as it does on them.  Sometimes I even wonder if Jesus strategicly came up with tract giving to fill the need of the Philemon 1:6 promise in the lives of those who have shy personalities, or those who have been knocked down a few times and lack confidence.  Tracts are easy, they are non-threating, cheap to buy, easy to distribute and filled with creative opportunity if you wanted to write one of your own. 

Yep, that's right.  WRITE ONE OF YOUR OWN.  Grab a hold of your personal testimonies, how Jesus has affected your own life, write it down, type it into a Word Doc. and fancy it up with cute fonts, colors, whatever.  Then just print them off and start handing them out!  You don't have to attatch your name and phone number to them, but it might be a good idea to at least leave the number of a local church or even your favorite Christian website, so people have somewhere to go for more information and prayer.

Doctor/Dentist Waiting Rooms
Telephone Booths
Bus Stops
Malls - sitting areas, bathrooms, etc.
Inside Library Books
Inside Telephone Books
Inside Movie Rental Cases
Pass to Tellers, Cashiers, etc.
Inside Halloween, Valentine, Easter Candy Bags
Park Benches
Under Doors of Offices/Apartments

The fact is, we don't know who will "happen" across one of these tracts. It is really God who orchestrates the weaving of our lives in and out, here and there.  Your testimony, or the one written on that tract WILL BE what will leads someone to consider, ponder or meditate on God Most High, because ultimately He has predestined it.  (Yes, Yes, He could do it without you, but He'd rather have you do it, so you can experience His love, joy, peace and victory---remember Philemon 1:6?)

"I pray that you might be active in sharing your faith, so that you will have a full understanding of every good thing we have in Christ."  Philemon 1:6 (NIV)