Sunday, June 26, 2011

Men of Chivalry, Men of Honor

Thirteen is a special birthday in our house.  Thirteen is when we celebrate that child's transition from childhood into the first steps of young adult. We hold a special ceremony and take turns laying hands on that child and blessing him/her as they begin their walk on the path of seeking their own identity in
Christ. Yesterday we celebrated Justin's 13th birthday:
Jason speaks a blessing over Justin to keep God first,
family close and work hard in life. 

Me, speaking a blessing over Justin to hear God's voice,
and to always expect awesome things from and awesome God.

The Grandparents speak a blessing of love and
care over him.

Big sister Danika speaks a blessing of honor, integrity and
to walk in freedom from sin.

Younger brother Noah speaks a blessing
of prosperity and an abundant life.

Justin reads aloud his own proclamation: the Rhema Scroll.
A declaration of his intentions in life according to God's Word.

The presentation of a keepsake to honor his celebration!

Here we are afterward.  The little boys took part too,
but we forgot to snap a couple pics.