Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween 2011

  I was not exactly on the ball this year.... we were all scrambling at the last minute to get things put together and ready to go. In a mad dash I decided to use our own ink jet printer to print off 50 kids cartoon gospel tracts to put into the treat bags....something I may reconsider for next year, it cost almost double to print it off at home compared to having it done at Staples or the church office...but still worth it in the end, they looked beautiful and way better than last year's little booklets.  The older boys were a bit behind as well, as they didn't attend to their costumes (they always make there own) until yesterday, so they were frantically scrounging for odds and ends around the house to make up a costume.  But, again, it all turned out in the end.  They found what they needed and headed out for candy-ville.   We ended up having lots of kids come by this year, yay!  Danika (our oldest) and I stayed home with little Ole and handed out the treat bags while all the boys headed out with Dad.     *I'll post a link to that cartoon tract tomorrow, because, frankly, I'm just way to tired to do it now.
Carving The Pumpkins

One Bucket of Loaded Bags

The finished pumpkin product
Yes, the barfing one is Justin & Noah's 

Dressed up and ready to go!

"The-Candy- Loot"
(a.k.a. "Not- able- to -sit -still- for- the- next - 2 -months -of -school-Loot"......ugh)