Tuesday, July 10, 2012

How To Seat a Family of Nine

More boys means more chairs....broken chairs, that is.  Over the years we've collected all sorts of various chairs to fit everyone in - foldable, stackable, wooden, plastic, metal, fabric, etc.  Whatever worked.  They are well used for everything - eating, climbing, fort building, hair cuts, school time, lunch time, dragged down the hall and down the stairs.  Oh the stories chairs could tell....until they chip, crack, brake, fall apart and ultimately end up tossed in the back of a little trailer headed to the local dump.

Well, in efforts to rid ourselves of one more broken chair, and motivated by the need for one more spot at the table (3 more weeks til baby!) Jason went out and built us 2 one of a kind,  hand crafted, extremely sturdy table benches to fit our growing family.  He built them from the left over wood of an old water bed frame he had as a boy.  They turned out FABULOUS! (Maybe he missed his calling to be a carpenter??)

The finished work before varnishing...doesn't it look amazing!

Danika helped by sanding, staining, and varnishing her Dad's work of art.