Thursday, January 6, 2011

Great Books for Boys

A new month, a new Novel Study for school...(Dun, dun, dun...the dreaded novel study).
If you want to see them run fast, show them the great book you`ve chosen for them to read!  Our boys don't tend to make wise choices on their own, so I've taken on a bold adventure of "assigning" good literature for the rest of the year. While I was pondering what would be considered "good books" I was reminded of Philippians 4:8.  God actually tells us what is good to set our minds upon.  Things that are true, noble, just, pure, lovely, virtuous, praiseworthy and of good report.  So, with that in mind, I set out to compile a list of "God honoring" (and hopefully boy friendly/adventure-filled) for our boys to read through.  Here's what I came up with so far (all unabridged):

Knights of Arrethtrae Series
Kingdom Series
Adventures of Robin Hood
Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
Lord of the Rings Series
Chronicles of Narnia Series
3 Musketeers
Ballentyne Series (set of 20)
Oliver Twist
Anything by G.A. Henty! (set of 50)
The Hiding Place
God's Smuggler
Pilgrim's Progress
Around the World in 80 Days
Crown and Covenant Collection

Don't worry, I don't expect them to read ALL of them by June, haha,  but I'll help them put their best foot forward.  A few of these I could only find on but most of them can be found at or even Chapters.