Saturday, January 1, 2011

Reciting Foundations

 We've decided that starting this January 2011 we are committing to recite what I am calling foundation Scriptures. When I first met Jesus there were some key questions that I had about God, Jesus, the Bible,etc.  I wrote them down and searched every way I could to find the answers.  I prayed, I read, I watched, I googled!   When I found the answer, I wrote it down underneath my question inside a little notebook.  I still have that notebook of "first questions" and I'm finding that the more and more I share Jesus with people, the more I realize that the rest of the world is asking the very same questions:

Is Jesus the only way?
Is Jesus really God?
How do we know that this Christian Bible is the real Bible/truth?
What about all the really good people, won't they still go to heaven?
What is sin anyway?
How does God judge sin?
Is my salvation secure?
What does God say about occult and new age stuff?
Why doesn't everyone see the truth?
What's the trinity, is there an easy explanation?

Our system is not rigorous or fancy.  It is simply to recite a couple Scriptures together out loud 3 times per day until we've got it reasonably solid.  I want the main goal to be that we are in God's Word, and to realize that there truly are answers to these questions.  It's not a race to see how many we can do, or even memorize them....if we thought we had to put to memory every answer to every question a person asked about Jesus, we'd hide under our blankets and never leave home! 

 Personally, I've never been that great at rote memory. Actually, I've memorized very few scriptures in my own effort.  But by God's grace, Holy Spirit has never let me down once. He brings to my remembrance, just when needed, words of truth and simple Bible verses that lead someone's heart toward Jesus.  I've always thought that if I just remain constantly in His word, Holy Spirit would do His part and bring them out at the right time. At least that`s been my experience so far. 

**If you would like answers to any of the above questions please click here.