Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Easter Already!

Well, we're gearing up once again for our "Operation Saturation"  This time for Easter!  Twice a year we try to gather up as many volunteers as possible and deliver God's Word to our surrounding community.  Crossway has made this SO simple for us, since they recently started packaging "Evagelism Kits" for Christmas and Easter.  Each kit includes 50 of each: door hanger bag, a New Testament Bible, an Easter tract, a dramatized cd version of the Bible and an invitiation card to our local church! Then we usually put in a little candy gift, and off we go, door to door.

The efforts of Operation Saturation at Christmas were met with great blessings from the Lord.  We were able to pray with people, engage in conversations, extend a warm invitation to church, and of course, leave them with God's precious Word.  We are praying that the Lord will again bless our efforts this Easter!  We know that He desires all people everywhere to experience His abundant love, and the freedom, victory and peace that comes with it.

If anyone feels lead to help out with purchasing more Bibles or wants to volunteer in passing them out let us know, we are placing our order for Bible Kits on March 25th. We're confident the Lord will bless you!