Sunday, July 24, 2011

Treasures From Norway!

Our first and greatest treasure is our dear daughter Danika who is home safe and sound from Norway!!
As you've all heard of the tragedy that hit Oslo in the last couple days, so many of you have called or emailed asking if our family was okay and offered prayer for safe travels and quick returns.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!  We were moved by your concern and prayer support, we love you all!
SO, here she is, our Danika, back from world travels:

We gave Danika an early B-Day gift, a
place to write down all those Norge Family Recipes!

Danika's gift to her Mama:  Authentic Russian Nesting Dolls
I haven't seen these since I was a very little girl!

Danika's gift to Noah: A Norse Horn Keepsake
He's drank from it twice already, lol!

Danika's gift to Justin: Silver plated Norwegian Spoon
The Little Boys recieved gifts as well, but I wasn't able to snap a picture of them yet. By the time we got home we were all pretty tired so they were off to bed quickly.  :0)


Although Danika had an awesome trip to Norway and was able to visit with many family members and we are elated to have her home, we recognize that due to the recent attacks in Norway there are families from all over the world who cannot share in the same experience of embracing their child back into their safe and loving arms.  Our hearts and prayers are with those who are suffering through this tradgedy. 

God is still GOOD.  God did not choose for this to happen, God does not control the thoughts of men but gave men free will that he may do as his own heart and mind intends, whether to do harm or to do good. The reality of this tragedy is ultimately the effects of a person(s) without God in his heart.  But the truth is this: there is no "theological answer" that will bring rest to a questioning soul.  Peace only comes from The Prince of Peace: Jesus Christ.   Go straight to the source. God is not affraid of your tough questions, He is waiting to give you the answers that you seek, answers that will give you rest and a peace that supasses all understanding.