Saturday, July 16, 2011

Windows....or Chalkboards?

I have to admit, our huge front window used to irritate always pulling at the curtains, the sunshine was nice until it heated the house beyond measure, and the finger prints (umm, that's just polite for mashed food, boogers and squished bugs) were never under control.  But in a an honest moment with God, I decided to let go of all that petty stress....and that's when I heard God say, "This is not a window it's a chalkboard waiting to send a message!" 

One week after writing our first message, our neighbours held a garage sale that had many people walking by our huge front window! Cars filled with people would stop and actually take a moment to read.  Hopefully our artistic skills will get better, lol!  But in all honesty, experience has taught me that the simpler things are, the better.